The 52nd TV Week Logie Awards (2010)

May 3, 2010

(Credit to WOTT.NET for image) Live on the nine network The annual TV Week logie awards were held last night in melbourne. I watched the show from start to finish. Well besides flicking through while that red carpet stuff was on. The legendary and unscripted presenter for this year was the one and only Bert Newton.

Throughout the show many australian celebrities were twittering while being at the show. It was delayed on TV but live for them. Dannii Minogue was even nice enough to give away the most important results of them all.

Well instead of me going on a huge tirade about the show i suggest going over to Whats on the tube and TV Tonight and reading their awesome blog post about it. It’s detailed and has images!

I’ve got to say though that this is the first Logies i have watched in ages and i mean ages. And it wasn’t that bad besides some of the boring people to watch but overall it was hilarious and fun to see Tweets from Tony Martin and other celebreties.

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  • Media Overhaul

    April 3, 2010

    As you can see to the left of this page i’ve added a numerous amount of media things which i will be updating on a weekly basis. But hey at least that gives me an excuse to come and blog about stuff. Which i don’t have a problem with doing anyway!

    So i suggest checking it out and seeing what exactly is happening in the world of television and cinema entertainment!

    a quick summary of what you will find on the left side is weekly television ratings for free-to-air television here in australia. You will also find the weekly radio survey ratings but only for sydney for the time being. A weekly updates chuck vs. the podcast interview. Listen to the podcast it’s the greatest fan site to have ever lived and produced a podcast.

    A new morning chat show on Ten

    January 13, 2010

    Network Ten LogoWhen i got up this morning i was looking at the TV Tonight website, as i do daily anyway. And their is a new post on a possible new Talk/panel formated morning show in Pre-Production. Now i’m not one for the whole Panel show after watching The 7PM Project, Which i can’t stand watching at all. But as soon as i started reading the article i thought straight in my head that this show is going to be the Australian version of The View, And that was even the comment i posted.

    Max Music VJ Yumi Stynes, former Big Brother housemate Chrissie Swan, Anne Marie Biggar, Anne Fulwood and even Kim Watkins are some of the names who have supposedly been approached to front TEN’s new morning chat show, believed to be called The Circle.

    I really do hope this is a good show, just like with any show i like to check out the first episode and if it’s good then i will stick with it for a while until it eventually gets dole and not so much entertaining anymore. This usually happens fast with Channel 10 show, and that’s the major problem that they have sadly.

  • Chuck vs the Podcast 50: Wonder-Con 2010

  • Week 17 Ratings (FTA)

  • 1 Underbelly: The Golden Mile
    Nine Network
    Sunday: 1,918
  • 2MasterChef Australia
    Network Ten
    Monday: 1,695
  • 3 MasterChef Top 50
    Network Ten
    Wednesday: 1,611
  • 4 Seven News Sunday
    Seven Network
    Sunday: 1,591
  • 5 MasterChef Top 50
    Network Ten
    Thursday: 1,580
  • 6 The Biggest Loser: The Winner
    Network Ten
    Sunday: 1,577
  • 7 MasterChef Top 50
    Network Ten
    Tuesday: 1,536
  • 8 The Pacific
    Seven Network
    Wednesday: 1,476
  • 9 Australia's Got Talent
    Seven Network
    Tuesday: 1,452
  • 10 Seven News
    Seven Network
    Monday - Friday: 1,411
  • Survey 2, Ratings (Radio)

  • 1 2GB - 873AM 14.7%
  • 2 ABC702 - 702AM 11.1%
  • 3 2DAY - 104.1FM 10.3%
  • 4 WSFM - 101.7FM6.6%
  • 5 NOVA - 96.6FM 6.5%
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