Media Overhaul

April 3, 2010

As you can see to the left of this page i’ve added a numerous amount of media things which i will be updating on a weekly basis. But hey at least that gives me an excuse to come and blog about stuff. Which i don’t have a problem with doing anyway!

So i suggest checking it out and seeing what exactly is happening in the world of television and cinema entertainment!

a quick summary of what you will find on the left side is weekly television ratings for free-to-air television here in australia. You will also find the weekly radio survey ratings but only for sydney for the time being. A weekly updates chuck vs. the podcast interview. Listen to the podcast it’s the greatest fan site to have ever lived and produced a podcast.

What happens in blogging stays in blogging.

April 1, 2010

So latley i’ve been thinking that seeing as i do have this blog that i’m going to try (take it with a grain of salt) Try and post a new blog on a weekly bases. Which might i add isn’t going to a good start seeing as it’s already thursday (april 1st, 2010) The thing is i might post a blog every thursday who knows? What i’m going for though is to at least post a new blog every sunday night. Even though film school does take out a lot of my personal time at home and well out of everywhere else. But hey like i just typed, i’ll try and make the effort and time to update this blog weekly. This past week has been crazy at school but i’m not going to get into that. Make sure though that you do go and check out the links at the end of this blog. Now onto the blogging!

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla would have to one of the most awesome and interesting wrestling promotions in the world. Currently i’ve been check it out and i’ve been a fan for nearly three years now. It’s one hell of a promotion. It’s very entertaining and no matter what on every single card there is always a bunch of matches that are standouts and worth purchasing the DVD alone. PWG is currently my favourite wrestling promotion, i really do suggest people check out the promotion and listen to the commentary on the matches because i couldn’t stop laughing numerous times. One of the things that i definitely marked out for was, well were two things. One being seeing the awesomeness that is “The Great Muta” (Pictured.)Coming out of japan he would have to be one of my favourite wrestlers of all time. And i mean all time ALL TIME! he is the greatest. Readers even if you’re not a wrestling fan i suggest going over to that website youtube and checking out some of the great muta’s matches and of course go and check out Jushin Thunder Liger’s matches as well he is another favourite of mine.

Jushin Thunder Liger was another awesome wrestler that happen to be at the Kurt RusselMania even which was totally bad ass. The event was part of the annual WrestleRunion event which is in it’s 4th year in Los Angeles California. It was one awesome event which i havn’t had the chance of purchasing yet as i just purchased the Kurt RusselMania event last week. If i feel up for it or if i have the time then i will most probably post up a review of the show.

Well that’s pretty much all i wanted to say for this week i just wanted to give a little plug to Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and some other stuff i have been upto. Also don’t forget you can send me an email at anytime to and i will either get back to you in a response via email or on this blog. And hopefully i can contunue this weekly blog going!

  • International Film School Sydney
  • Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
  • Kurt RusselMania
  • The Great Muta
  • Jushin Thunder Liger

  • You know it’s an update when…

    February 14, 2010

    Hey everyone! Hope you had a good break from school and university and even work to an exstent. I’ve been quite busy as you can see by this page hardly being updated… Sadly!

    But yeah everything is going good, i started Film school a week ago and it’s been one of the most awesome experiences in my life. I’ve made some contacts and friends and both at the same time, their is some awesome people at the School. It’s been fun and i’ve learnt so much. Stuff i thought i knew which turned out i knew nothing about. It’s been quite incredible.

    The other thing that has been happening besides film school is that i’m currently trying to find work part time, most prefered would be something to do with the entertainment industy. Even working in a video store would be awesome and just what i need at this time in my life.

    Oh yeah and another thing, i’m finally 21! i do feel like an adult. It’s great.

    The year of 2009, the new decade

    December 30, 2009

    So apparently it’s the end of the year for another year! 2009, some people are calling it the end of a decade. And well yes it sort of is isn’t it, but the main thing is another year is coming to an end and a lot of things have happened and not just in my own life.

    The world lost a jackson, more terror threats on planes, one of the greatest wrestling podcast’s came to an end sort of anyway, good game lost it’s hardcore fanbase, shows being cut left and right.

    Instead of me writting down a lot of the things that happened in the Television industry i think you should head over to for a year in review in the australian television market. It has all the highs and lows you need to know.

    Not only did a lot of things happen in the television world but also in the video game industry as well. Australia’s #1 Video game show lost of the co-creators Junglist (Ray), in what’s being called the end of good game, which is highly unlikely due to the show being on next year also with a show for kids on the new ABC3. Good game is the best video game show australia is currently producing.

    It’s not hard to go and look on the internet and not find one website that isn’t showing a year in review, so i guess i’m going to have to cut this short. I’ve got a lot to do before the end of the year in about 20 hours time.

    Sorry to cut this blog short, i didn’t realize on how cut i was on time so please Have a good new year and all that jazz and hopefully i can get that podcast up and running yeah!

    Go and check out the following links and final plugs for 2009:


  • ACWA Pro Wrestling, minor updates and my first day of film school

    December 18, 2009

    Latley I’ve been involed with the Australian Championship Wrestling Alliance, just been working on all there internet content, be it Twitter or the website.

    I haven’t attended a live show as of this moment, due to scheduling conflicts, but i do place on going to one of the shows in the near future. Why support something if you’re not actually going to go and see it live, wrestling is always fun live anyway!.

    Also I’ve gotten a email back from the International Film School Sydney about when i will be starting my first day and it’s going to be on the 8th of February 2010! 2 days after my birthday, right now i feel like a little kid about to burst out. I definitely can’t wait.

    LINKS: International Film School Sydney, ACWA Pro Wrestling on Twitter, ACWA Official Website

    Oh hey there, some plugs and things

    December 6, 2009

    Hey viewers! and eventual listeners of the podcast, i thought I’d come here and just give you a little update on what’s happening in my world, lately i was in hospital but obviously i am out now and feeling quite better.

    Coming in a couple of weeks hopefully before the end of the year i should have the proper website up over at, I’m definitely hoping to get it up at the end of the year but if it isn’t then i will get it up and running early next year.

    I also wanted to take the time to plug some things, go and get out Tracey’s great blog (Rei from Good Game) she does alot of great articles in magazines and online around Australia, she also does wicked articles on her own blog, Zero Light Seeds is a blog about videogames written by journalist and writer, Tracey Lien.


    November 22, 2009


    Welcome to the new grounds for all of my creations, this website will just be a place for me to plug my own stuff  and if i feel like posting about things that actually interests me, which i will get to in time.

    I’m a busy person, so i will try and post whenever i can.

     If you would like to contact me then please send an email to EMAILS and then the AT SYMBOL then THE SYDNEY REVUE DOT COM and i will get back to you whenever i can.

    Also a podcast will be released in the coming weeks or before the end of the year, so please stay tuned.

  • Chuck vs the Podcast 50: Wonder-Con 2010

  • Week 17 Ratings (FTA)

  • 1 Underbelly: The Golden Mile
    Nine Network
    Sunday: 1,918
  • 2MasterChef Australia
    Network Ten
    Monday: 1,695
  • 3 MasterChef Top 50
    Network Ten
    Wednesday: 1,611
  • 4 Seven News Sunday
    Seven Network
    Sunday: 1,591
  • 5 MasterChef Top 50
    Network Ten
    Thursday: 1,580
  • 6 The Biggest Loser: The Winner
    Network Ten
    Sunday: 1,577
  • 7 MasterChef Top 50
    Network Ten
    Tuesday: 1,536
  • 8 The Pacific
    Seven Network
    Wednesday: 1,476
  • 9 Australia's Got Talent
    Seven Network
    Tuesday: 1,452
  • 10 Seven News
    Seven Network
    Monday - Friday: 1,411
  • Survey 2, Ratings (Radio)

  • 1 2GB - 873AM 14.7%
  • 2 ABC702 - 702AM 11.1%
  • 3 2DAY - 104.1FM 10.3%
  • 4 WSFM - 101.7FM6.6%
  • 5 NOVA - 96.6FM 6.5%
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